Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My experience with having three kids, one right after the other!!!

When I was young, my children, at one time, were 7, 6, 5 and newborn. The problem that I encountered with this, was that when you have so many, so close together, you don't have time to give each and everyone of them undivided attention. You are always working on one, then the other, then the other, and no one really gets undivided attention. It got worse as they got older. The homework was overwhelming. It was like they were all college students. If you have special ed kids, it just doesn't work. Rachel was easy. She always brought her homework home and was very eager to do it. But with Billy, Johnny & Nathaniel, none of them seemed to remember (or care) about homework, and trying to get them to do it, well, it was impossible. I think that all children are different and have different needs. This was my experience, and hopefully, someone out there reading this blog will think about this, if you already have a child and are considering having another one.

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